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Having your automobile damaged in a Hail Storm

 can be a very unpleasant  experience. Getting the 

estimates from your Insurance Company and 

having to wait for the adjuster, and then you have 

to find a  shop you trust to get your vehicle 

repaired and just hope everything turns out 


We can schedule your vehicle for repair and 

depending upon the severity of damage, we can

 repair your vehicle within 24 hours of start time, some cases take more time depending the response time from your insurance provider...

 We are approved with all insurance companies

 and can work with your insurance provider to 

get a fair amount for your claim...  

Did You Know? Hail damage is considered a 

Comprehensive claim, and will not make your 

insurance rates go up...

Your insurance company might give you a list of


vendors to choose from to get your vehicle 

fixed. These vendors are under contract with 

the insurance company and must charge you a 

deductible. We choose to be an independent 

vendor so we can waive up to $500.00 your 

deductible using our advertising promotion...

We will work on your behalf with your 

insurance adjuster to get an accurate estimate 

on the auto hail damage on your vehicle...

 As the policy holder you have the right to 

choose DALLAS PDR  to repair your vehicle...

Paintless dent repair , also is  known as 

"paintless dent removal", is a variety  skilled 

methods for repairing small to minor dents and 

dings from automobiles. Many types of 

damagecan be repaired using the Paintless 

Dent Repair method; but  if there is paint 

damage, P-D-R may bnot be suitable. The most 

 common use for PDR is the repair of auto hail 

damage, small door dings, minor body creases, 

and minor bumper indentations. There are 

techniques that can be also applied to help 

prepare sheet metal  that is  damaged  beyond 

repair to be used to prep a panel for paint. 

These types applications are referred to as 

"push to paint", or "push for paint". Some of 

theLimiting factors for a successful repair using 

PDR include the flexibility of the paint, and the 

amount the metal has been stretched by the 

severity of the damage . For example, often 

extremely sharp dents and creases may not be 

repairable - at least not without painting 





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4 Reviews of Dallas Paintless Dent Repair "Until now I had somehow managed to avoid any hail damage. As soon as I got a ... Aaron H. Plano, TX. 0 friends; 6 ... 

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